Okay that’s enough out of me for one day I think. If I get irritating I’m sorry. I just really love Underlight okay? If you get annoyed or don’t wanna see my raging fangirl boner feel free to block the tags Underlight:Clash of Dreams and Clarity.

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I really should be playing DA2 right now. I really should. I have 3 playthroughs to get done before November. I don’t work again until Saturday. I have plenty of time to finish a playthrough this week.





*just sits with her face in her hands and stares lovingly at an almost 20 year old MMORpg*

I mean.. do you have any idea how much I love this game? After 12 years of no Underlight? Of no running around as the super fierce, sassy, short fused Clarity? Getting to actively roleplay a character who is suffering hard from PTSD in literally a way that only two other characters out of the one hundred active accounts are getting to experience? Roleplaying with actual GM support? Where EVERYTHING is roleplaying? All the time?

I might be talking it up a bit, it is a 20 year old game after all. The combat is clunky, and the “3d” characters are actually just 2D sprites sort of pasted together to give the effect of 3d…

But you don’t even have to engage in combat at all! Your character can gain strength (experience) and orbits (levels) and spheres (every 10th level) and plateau their arts (spells) with out ever swinging their blades or shoot off chakrams (it shoots big puffy fireballs)!

They can become teachers, who’s jobs are to ACTUALLY TEACH FOLKS new arts and grant spheres through sending you on a player-made task (quest)! When you become one you even get a halo that matches the color of your Focus (Class).

They can be pacifists or they can be assholes or they can be heros or villans! They can join a house (guild) and gain strength by bringing in items like Elemens (stat regenerating items) and chakrams and shields and Alterors (little items that give you protective spells)!

And all of it, ALL OF IT, is done through constant role-playing. You get to walk around in a shared dream. A city built with the minds of everyone you meet and see. Outside world? Splintered and separated “shards” that have little to no technology. Everyone has one. Some folks share them, but they’re not seen. They’re just the backdrop to who your character is.

Your character could be a self-loathing potato farmer on their shard. In the City of Dreams though, they could be a brilliant philosopher. Or the strongest fighter. Or a tricsky prankster. Or a horrible murdering villian.

UGH I just love this game so much.

Do you love to roleplay? I know there are a shit ton of my followers that do. Don’t lie to me. Come check out Underlight. It’s 100% free. It will play on the shittiest of laptops (so long as you don’t have windows 8. If you do, there’s a work around I can talk you through) and it requires no more then a 56k connection. Dialup. I shit you not. Shitty Wifi will be of zero consequence!

The website is www.ClashofDreams.com. It’s not a web based game. It’s an actual install, but it’s quite literally peanut sized.

If you do, keep an eye out for Clarity!

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i am apparently a kitty bench. send help.

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Bioware: Hey, guys, which character do you want to see?

Fandom: Cole.

Bioware: Do you want to see Varric or Cole?

Fandom: Cole!

Bioware: Varric it is! Also, Dorian! And all these other characters!

Fandom: ……

Bioware: Now, do you want to see Solas or Cole?

Fandom: You’re gonna do Solas aren’t you.



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i have a cat on me. send help.

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